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What is an eBook?
by kp

An eBook is a digital version of a printed book, and requires either a PC or digital book reader to display the text. Certain eBooks are available in PDF format, and can be read on any PC. Other eBooks use a proprietary format like AZW, but there are services available that allow free downloads or previews of books such as Project Gutenberg and Google's Book Search.

eBook readers provide some advantages over reading text on a PC or a traditional printed book. They can hold hundreds of books and are lightweight and space saving. Also, eBook readers have specialized screens that imitate real paper texture to reduce eye strain. In addition, eBook readers provide features like adjustable text size, keyword search and annotations. Sony offers a version of an eBook reader that is compatible with Google Books, and Amazon's Kindle2 has upgraded options such as WiFi.

Sony Reader Digital Book

Amazon Kindle2
Google Book Search
Project Gutenberg
Sony Reader Digital Book

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