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Internet Radio
by kp

Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio
Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio

Roku SoundBridge Radio
Roku SoundBridge Radio

X-OOM MP3 Radio Recorder for iPod
X-OOM MP3 Radio Recorder for iPod
For over a decade, Internet radio has been available for little or no cost to users. It's an excellent way to get your news or enjoy independent music for a minimal fee. Online music services work by streaming audio from an  Internet connection. One of the disadvantages of this media is that it can monopolize a significant amount of memory and processor time on your computer.  To solve this issue, there are other options available for enjoying Internet radio while keeping your computer free for your other applications.

One option is a stand-alone speaker system. The Com-One Phoenix WiFi Radio allows you to listen to online radio without plugging into your PC or router. The speaker system gives you access to over 11,000 radio stations and podcasts plus some RSS feeds. If you register your product, Com-One offers you free access to their Phoenix extra radio services.

Another speaker option is the Roku SoundBridge Radio. This system includes functions for Internet radio, alarm clock, AM/FM radio and a remote. Like the Phoenix, SoundBridge utilizes a WiFi connection to stream online audio, and is compatible with Rhaposdy music service. Roku  provides a smart little app called Radio Snooper that can help you find compatible stations for the SoundBridge. They also offer their own brand of Internet radio service - RadioRoku - to search online stations suitable for the SoundBridge. 

If you are looking to make your Internet radio mobile, try MP3 Radio Recorder software for iPod . This software can record up to 400 songs an hour from 6,000 Internet radio stations. Then, you can transfer the files to your MP3 player or iPod. With this option, you don't have to mess with WiFi; just transfer and go.

Internet radio offers a plethora of music and news for the technophile. With an external speaker system, you can enjoy Internet radio throughout your space, and you don't even need to turn on your computer. Just plug-in and start jammin'.

Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio
Roku SoundBridge Radio
X-OOM MP3 Radio Recorder for iPod



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