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LaserShield Instant Security System
by kp

LaserShield Starter Kit
LaserShield Starter Kit
Physical security of your computer equipment is just as important as protecting your data inside. LaserShield has developed a convenient way for anyone to set up a home or small business security system at a low cost. Their Instant Security System's Starter Kit has everything you need to get started - a master alarm unit (central console), a wireless detection unit (detection unit) and two keychain remotes. Just plug the base into a phone jack, subscribe to the monitoring service and the system is ready to go.

The wireless capabilities of the detection unit allows it to fit in any location. With a compact infrared sensor, the motion detector provides full spectrum coverage for any room. The detection unit's range is up to 1,100 square feet and can cover an entire office area with a single detector. For homes with pets the detection unit comes with a pet shield to partially block the sensor from seeing small animals. The manufacturer recommends that detection unit be placed between 3-6 feet above the floor. In addition, the detection unit can deactivated with the handy keychain remote, or the remote can be used to set the alarm off in an emergency.

The central console is an efficient, multifunctional system. Some of the features of the console include a built-in panic button, 105 decibel siren, and voice prompts for assistance. The unit also has two phone jacks to work with your existing land-line phone. Before the console can be fully activated, the system requires enrolling in LaserShield's exclusive Rapid Response Monitoring service for a monthly fee. The cost starts at $19.99/month plus a $25 activation charge and no long term contract needed. This is a reasonable price compared to competing services that charge more and require extended contract.

If you are living in an apartment or condo, The Instant Security System Starter Kit is a good value out of the box. It also works well in a small office area to protect equipment after business hours. Plus, the system is expandable to get full coverage in all rooms for comprehensive security. The wireless detection units can be purchased separately and integrated with the system up to a maximum of twelve units per console.

LaserShield Instant Security System
LaserShield Wireless Detection Unit
LaserShield Keychain Remote


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