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IceRage Mice
by kp

IceRage MiceWhen you are on the go, your computer peripherals can weigh you down between packing your laptop, mouse and other accessories. Virtuu USA has developed a line of compact mice that make perfect travel companions for your laptop. The IceRage Pocket Mouse is ergonomically-designed with a built-in, hide-away USB cord, and is available in six different fashion colors. With 3 buttons, touch pad, and scrolling capability, you won't have any problem navigating on your computer. For even more versatility, IceRage Ultimate Pocket Mouse includes a alpha numeric keypad for data entry, plus Bluetooth capabilities. IceRage is a must-have travel companion for the mobile techie.

IceRage Pocket Mouse - White
IceRage Pocket Mouse - Black
IceRage Pocket Mouse - Lime Green
IceRage Pocket Mouse - Pink
IceRage Pocket Mouse - Silver
IceRage Pocket Mouse - Blue
IceRage Ultimate Pocket Mouse

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