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Write Brothers' Writer's Dreamkit 4
by kp

Write Brothers' Writer's Dreamkit 4
Write Brothers' Writer's Dreamkit 4
If you have been putting off that creative writing paper for class or your autobiography, try Write Brothers' Writer's Dreamkit software. It helps you organize your thoughts by assembling the elements of your story in a hierarchical structure. Based on the theory of Dramatica (A theory for mastering the craft of writing with communication skill and style), the Writer's Dreamkit provides the essential tools needed to get your story started. Some of the tools include a story guide, character builder, story engine and built-in dictionary with synonyms. With this software, you won't get stuck with writer's block from staring at a blank page for hours - the Dreamkit assists you through the entire story construction.  Be prepared to write your next epic tome!

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Write Brothers' Writer's Dreamkit 4

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