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Geocaching - Find Treasure with your GPS
by rob

Where in the world
is that cache?
So you’ve got a GPS unit. It can get you to and from unfamiliar parts of the world, but where's the adventure? The excitement?

How about finding treasure? Try ‘geocaching,’ a new type of game that uses coordinates to guide seekers such as yourself to hidden or buried treasures with a GPS unit. The name comes from ‘geo’ meaning ‘earth’ and ‘cache’ meaning ‘hiding place’ and lives up to its name; you can find treasures hidden anywhere on Earth!

The cache is usually a watertight container with at least a logbook and pen or pencil inside for finders to make a note or sign their name. The treasure? It's not necessarily valuable apart from the souvenir that you take as a prize. The rule is that if you take something, you should leave something of equal or greater value for the next person. Typical treasures include buttons, books, inexpensive toys, CDs or even money.

You need two things to participate: a handheld GPS unit and a set of coordinates. Websites like geocaching.com list coordinates for geocaches from all over the world for intrepid travelers and treasure seekers. Once you have coordinates entered into your GPS it’s time to go searching. Cache locations can be discovered with varying degrees of difficulty. Some are hidden within easy walking distance from transportation while others could be a long hike, below ground, on the side of a rocky cliff or even under water.

Geocaching is the perfect opportunity to get away from your computer, visit a new place, use a gadget and participate in a global treasure hunt. So get out there and find your treasure!

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