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Optimizing Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
by kp

If your Internet Explorer is operating slowly, it may be due to a combination of plug-in and cache issues. To keep your browser running smoothly, here are some tips to help clean up IE's act:

Light on the Plug-ins
Be selective on the type of plug-ins that are activated in IE. The more plug-ins initialized - the more time it will take IE to check and load pages. To modify your IE plug-in list, go to Tools  -> Internet Options -> Advanced. Under Settings -> Multimedia, deselect any options that you don't use. When finished, click OK.

Overloaded Cache
Browsers use cache to help load time by keeping temporary files in storage. Over time, this storage or cache can expand to several hundred megabytes if not cleared occasionally. To clean IE's cache, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Temporary Files. Select the Delete Cookies button and click OK on the pop-up menu to initiate the cache dump. For regular maintenance, clean IE's cache at least once a month for best performance.

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