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30 Second Review
LP to Digital Recording System
by rob

ATLP2DA LP to Digital Recording System
AT-LP2DA LP to Digital Recording System
Whatever happened to those classic albums that were the soundtrack of your youth*? They’re probably sitting in your basement collecting dust. It’s about time for you take those albums out of storage and bring them into the digital age. Audio Technica offers an LP to Digital Recording System as a simple way to digitize your favorite old songs. The kit includes everything you need:

  • AT-PL50 fully-automatic stereo turntable
    The AT-PL50 features a built-in switchable preamp for connecting directly to your computer, home stereo or other components that have no dedicated phono input.
  • Cakewalk PYRO
    Cakewalk PYRO not only records the audio coming from the turntable into MP3 and various other formats, it can remove clicks, pops and crackles from the recording.
  • RCA to 1/8” converter cable

* Anyone under the age of 35 might find this article of amusing historical significance only. In the age of CDs and MP3s, anyone talking about “records” usually gets a blank look as if you’re speaking another language.

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