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Sequiam Biolock
Sequiam Biolock
Biometrics - the science of authenticating identification through unique biological signatures such as fingerprints - is becoming a popular choice for security. Sequiam Corporation has designed a line of everyday biometric devices for the average consumer to use in their home. One of these products - the Biolock -  is a computerized deadbolt that can be programmed to open your door with a swipe of your finger. The Biolock appears to be just a normal keylock from the front, but hides a sophisticated biometric scanner in the lock housing. On the back, the Biolock  has a manual deadbolt switch and a shield for the keypad that is operated by four AA batteries. The Biolock can store up to 50 user fingerprints with a quick three-step enrolling process. Plus, if the biometric scanner fails, the Biolock includes two backup keys for emergencies.

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