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Using your iPod for Calendars, Contacts and Notes in Mac OS X
by kp

The iPod can hold more than just music and video files. It can be used to keep your contacts and calendars by syncing with iCal and Address Book (two built-in OS X applications). There are two ways in which you can update your information - through iTunes or manually transferring files to the iPod. To use the summary interface in iTunes, you need the current iTunes version (7.0.2 or later). By clicking on your iPod icon under DEVICES, the summary window appears giving you options to update your music, video, photo, contact and calendar files. To begin syncing, select the Contacts tab to reveal the contact and calendar options. Check "Sync Address Book contacts" with all contacts or selected groups. Do the same for the Calendar by checking "Sync iCal calendars" and choose all or individual calendars. When finished, click Apply to activate syncing.

To manually transfer your contacts and calendars, you need to export the files and move them to the iPod. First, open the Address Book application and under File, select Export Group vCard. When the Save As window appears, locate your iPod Contact folder and click Save to copy the file to your iPod. This procedure works similar in iCal. Go to File -> Export and Save your selected calendar to the iPod's Calendar folder.

There is a third way to sync your iPod files using the iSync application. This can be used if you have an earlier version of iTunes that doesn't provide the Summary menu items. To begin, start iSync and go to the Devices menu to select Add Device. Once the iPod is displayed on the device list, you click on the Sync Devices icon to activate the sync process.

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