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Spring Ahead: Be Ready For Daylight Savings Time
by chris

Time BunnyRemember that the daylight savings time dates change starting this year. DST starts two weeks earlier on March 11 and ends two weeks later on November 4. If you do not apply an updates to your OS, the default dates will still be in place, and could cause problems with anything that uses your system time for scheduling, appointments, reminders, etc. True, it will only be incorrect during the period between old and new dates, but could make things a bit confusing if you manually make the change, and then your OS changes it again two weeks later.

Windows XP users should have received the patch as part of the automatic update process, or you should be able to find it in the list of available updates if you insist on manual updating.

For Windows based PDAs and Smart Phones, users can obtain a DST update from the Microsoft Windows Mobile website that will make the appropriate changes to the system registry.

OS X users should use their Software Update control panel to download the latest updates if they aren't scheduled to automatically do so.

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