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MicroOptical My Vu iPod Visor
by kp



Out of the thousands of iPod accessories out there, a unique product comes along once in a while. MicroOptical's My Vu visor for the video iPod turns your iPod videos into a home theater experience. This product features a built-in video display that projects images 11x larger than your iPod screen to go along with stereo sound. With an included battery pack, you can enjoy hours of viewing with the advantage of portability and privacy.

When testing out the My Vu, I look like Cyclops® from the X-Men®. From the front, the visor looks like a cool pair of sunglasses except for the cable connected around your ear to the iPod. At just over 2 ounces, the visor wraps well around your face and has a padded nosepiece for a comfortable fit. The My Vu slim design allows you to see your surroundings while viewing and walking. Inside the visor, there are windows to the left and right of the viewer lenses plus sufficient opening at the top and bottom that helps expand your field of view. The open design helps with orientation, but in a bright environment, the ambient light causes video quality to diminish slightly.

With a cable connected from the visor to your iPod, My Vu projects your videos using a dual color LCD Solid Optex™ Optical System creating the illusion of watching a movie on a 27-inch TV. Transferring from the iPod screen to the media viewer, the image quality becomes somewhat grainy, but the My Vu only outputs 320 x 240 resolution on different screen sizes. For the optically challenged, MicroOpical has developed corrective lens for users for only an extra $99. The Rx clip fits right into the visor so you can't even tell that it is there.


For the home theater experience, My Vu provides two adjustable earbuds integrated with the visor to deliver stereo quality sound. The buds hang from wires attached to the visor sides, and can be easily secured into your ear for noise canceling. The volume control is located on a pendant affixed to the main cord running from the visor to the iPod. In addition to the volume, the pendant has buttons to manage your video playback and display brightness. It also includes a swivel clip that can attached to your clothing for easy access.

To operate the visor, My Vu comes with its own battery pack that slips onto your iPod. The visor wire connects directly into the battery pack using the Apple dock connector type, and the pack has a separate plug to go to the iPod. The added battery pack doubles the weight of the iPod, but the belt clip on the back of the battery pack secures it to your clothing or carry-on. My Vu provides both a car adapter and an AC outlet adapter that connects attaches to the top of the visor plug. A fully charged battery provides up to six hours of viewing time.

To begin watching movies, the iPod video settings need to be adjusted to transfer the video output to the visor. On the iPod screen, go to Menu -> Videos -> Video Settings -> TV Out -> On. This activates the visor to run digital output through the media viewer. From here, you can use the pendant control to play/pause or skip through your movie.

The My Vu visor price is $299 and includes a canvas carrying case and extra earbud forms and nosepieces. Look for My Vu coming soon to your local Micro Center Apple Department.

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