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Burnout Dominator
by rob

Burnout Dominator
The newest in the long line of Burnout games returns to its roots with Burnout Dominator. The focus has returned to a feature called Burnouts where you score 'boost' (nitro-assissted speed bursts) by driving on the wrong side of the road, nearly missing other cars, drifting and taking out your rivals. Chain Burnouts together to unlock awards and cool cars. Gone is the Traffic Checking feature from last year's Burnout Revenge which allowed you to crash into unsuspecting vehicles while racing. Re-introducing the volatility of traffic increases the danger and the need for skill while weaving through the other cars. Also missing is Crash Mode, which was one of the more enjoyable features of the older games. However, there are still favorites like Road Rage (slam your opponents into other cars or environmental objects) and Eliminator (where the last car in each lap is removed until there is only the winner). A new addition is Maniac Mode where you score points while driving as dangerously as possible. It's hard to find a more action-packed racing game.

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