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80s Flashback with Activision's Hits Remixed
by kp

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Take a blast to the past with Activision's Hits Remixed. This game is a compilation of Atari 2600 games mixed with popular 80s hit songs. The collection includes 40 classic games re-created for the PSP that look and play like the originals. Instead of one cartridge per game like the original Atari, Hits Remixed has it all on one UMD. With the bonus soundtrack, you get the full 80s culture experience except now you have the advantage of more sophisticated equipment like the Sony PSP.

Grand Prix
Grand Prix

Some of the classic games included in the collection are Demon Attack™, Grand Prix™, Kaboom!®, and River Raid®, plus both versions of Pitfall. It's like being transported back to your childhood again while dodging cars on the Grand Prix raceway and listening to Dee Snider bellow "We're Not Gonna Take It." Test your cooking skills with Pressure Cooker as the stressed short-order cook trying to assemble hamburgers as fast as you can to the "Safety Dance". How about a little "Tainted Love" while pelting your opponent in Boxing? Hits Remixed features even more songs by Blondie, Squeeze and Wall of Voodoo.

Pitfall II

My personal favorite Atari game of all time is Pitfall II. It was like old times following Pitfall Harry through the treacherous Lost Caverns searching for loot. Scaling ladders, swimming with eels, and hurdling scorpions are just a few of the fun adventures you get to re-live in this game.

Activision went to great lengths to re-create the Atari 2600 gaming experience. They include the original box art for each game and even incorporate a picture of the Atari in the main menu. You can rotate through the cartridges to select a game, plus it displays a live demo of the game as a preview. The games are also shown in their authentic 128 colors with pixelated graphics. The soundtrack plays continuously in the background, but you can skip or mute songs with the L and R buttons on the top of the PSP. This is a helpful feature when you have game sounds competing with the soundtrack.

If you're looking for a nostalgic experience, Hits Remixed has everything but the big hair.

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