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SmartDisk Storage for Everyone
by kp

80GB FireLiteSmartDisk has designed a lineup of storage solutions for about any situation. If you have a home office or small office (SOHO), the SmartDisk 400GB NAS external hard drive is a good option. This drive is Ethernet-ready, working well as a repository for all your files. For a more portable storage solution, SmartDisk has the 80GB FireLite drive that can fit in the palm of your hand.  With a magnesium alloy case, it can withstand transporting back in forth from work to home, and runs on either FireWire or USB. SmartDisk has introduced an even more portable storage option called the ByteSize hard drive. It has 8GB of space that can fit in your pocket and is smaller than two thumb drives. The ByteSize has a USB plug built into the case making a neat little hard drive to go.

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SmartDisk 400GB NAS External Hard Drive
SmartDisk 80 GB FireLite USBXPress External Hard Drive
SmartDisk 8GB ByteSize USB Hard Drive

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