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Get The Most Out Of HDTV
by rob

VisionMount Tilting Flat Panel TV Wall Mount
VisionMount Tilting Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Remote Control
Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Remote Control

Philips High Performance DTV Antenna
Philips High Performance DTV Antenna

We're living in a high-definition world. HD became the biggest buzzword in 2006 as it seemed everyone was asking for a HDTV this past holiday season. Are you one of those lucky people who got the must-have gadget to get? There's more to enjoying HD than simply plugging in your gorgeous, flat TV. Here are some ideal add-ons for any HDTV.

Wall Mount
Yes, the TV you brought home has a stand. It will sit in place of that fat CRT tube just fine. But LCD and plasma TVs were born to be put up on a wall and adored like a piece of fine art. Some mounting brackets can pan, tilt and extend to give you the best viewing experience.
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Universal Remote
You don't have just a TV. There's your DVD player, VCR, PVR, CD player, your home theater system, and (if you're like me) even your lights. New programmable remotes can handle a whole list of controls and offer intuitive interfaces. Clean up your coffee table and put the other remotes away.
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If you live in the city, you don't have to subscribe to a cable or satellite service to enjoy HD goodness. There is plenty of beautiful, high-definition programming you can receive for free over the air. As long as your TV has a built-in ATSC (digital) TV tuner, you can plug in an antenna to pick local broadcast signals from the air.
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High Definition DVD
The next generation DVD formats promise to deliver unparalleled sights and sounds as well as features that can't fit on a single DVD. Blu-ray and HD-DVD versions of movies are available now as well as blank media and hardware that will read and write to these new discs.
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Upconverting DVD Player
Enhance your existing DVDs to HD quality with a DVD player that has 'upconverting' features. Upconverting is the process of upgrading the DVD picture from 720x480 (480i) to 720p or 1080i which matches your HDTV's higher resolution. It's cheaper than a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player and it'll work with your existing DVD library.
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Home Theater System
Don't let your eyes have all the fun. Become part of the experience with a six-speaker surround sound system. Home theater receivers also offer the ability to process sound and switch between numerous components.
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Fitted with these add-ons, you'll get even more enjoyment from your flat-screen goodness.

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