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Create an email template in Microsoft Outlook 2003
by kp

To create your own custom email template, you need to start with a new email draft. After you enter your salutation and/or name, use the editing tools located at the top the composing window to personalize your type. When finished, save your template as a .htm or .html document.

Next, go to Tools -> Options and click on the Mail Format tab. In this menu, select Stationery Picker -> New, then from the Create New Stationery box, choose the "Use this file as template" to locate your saved template. Name your custom template and click Next. From the Edit Stationery menu, you can add a background color or picture to your template or just click OK to keep the template as is. Select OK to exit the Options menu.

When you go to compose a new email, your message will automatically use your personalized template by default.

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