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Geeky Gift Ideas
by rob

Maybe you've got all the geeky gadgets you need. But what about your friends, family and co-workers? If you haven't got something for everyone on your list by now, here are a few ideas:

For Home
Universal Remote
Universal Remote
One remote to control them all. Or at least 8 audio/video components. Programming is easy, and it even comes with a remote control finder if you've lost track of it.
Kameleon 8-in-1 Universal Remote $49.99

Digital Picture Frame
Digital Picture Frame
Plug in a digital media card and share digital photos in a slideshow. The 8" model also supports MP4 videos and TV outputs. Use the included remote control to pause or rotate photos.
5.8" Frame $99.99
8" Frame $169.99

For Work
USB Beverage Cooler
USB Beverage Chiller
This is a good replacement for the 'cup holder' that comes with PCs.
CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller $29.99
LX Dual Display Lift Stand
LX Dual Display Lift Stand
More on-screen real estate is the idea behind dual-screen setups. But you still have two bases cluttering up your desk. This sturdy stand mounts two LCD displays side-by-side with five inches of height adjustment and cable management.
LX Dual Display Lift Stand $269.99
For Fun
MicroRobot 3D Puzzles
MicroRobot 3D Puzzles
Standing up to 19" tall, these futuristic dinosaurs are made from high-quality pressed foamboard. They're completely poseable thanks to ball-and-socket joints. No tools required.
Grantron (Brontosaurus) $24.99
Severtron (Stegosaurus) $24.99
Tyrantron (T-Rex) $24.99
Lego Mindstorms NXT
Lego Mindstorms NXT
The next generation of Mindstorms features a more powerful microprocessor, more memory as well as state-of-the-art ultrasonic, sound, light and touch sensors. Works with your PC or Mac.
Lego Mindstorms NXT $249.99
For Anywhere
PowerSquid Outlet Multipliers
PowerSquid Outlet Multipliers
AC adapter bricks cover neighboring outlets on outlets and standard surge protectors. The ingenious design of the PowerSquids is perfect for tight spots where a big rectangle won't fit.
PowerSquid 5-Outlet Power Multiplier $19.99
PowerSquid 6-Outlet Surge Protector $39.99
with 1000 Joules of protection, noise filtering and $150,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
Binary Watch
Binary Watch
Impress and confuse your friends with this brushed stainless steel timepiece. With the help of 10 LEDs, you can determine the time in the language of computers.
Samui Moon Binary Watch $89.99

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