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Sony Alpha 100 Digital SLR Camera
by kp

Sony has recently introduced a noteworthy new edition to the Digital SLR market with the Alpha 100. This camera offers superior image resolution and technological advancements for professional level images. The Alpha 100 intuitive design makes it easy-to-use for photography amateurs or pro.

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K

The Alpha 100 was developed through a joint venture by Sony and Minolta. By sharing their techonology, they have constructed a very competitive model to the DSLR product line. Some of the features that make this camera exceptional are the 10.2 Megapixel resolution, superior image stabilization, and anti-dust function. In addition, the Alpha 100 is designed to be compatible with some ealier Minolta lenses.

One benefit of the Alpha 100 is its superior picture quality. At 10.2 Megapixels, the camera can produce up to 3872x2595 maximum resolution. The key to image resolution is the CCD (Charged Coupled Device) image sensor that contains capacitors that are sensitive to light. The Alpha 100 is made with a larger CCD to increase light sensitivity and reduce noise, giving more detail to your images. For image storage, the camera has a built-in slot for Compact Flash Type I/II cards and included an CompactFlash adapter for Memory Stick Duo Cards.

Another advanced feature of the Alpha 100 is the image stabilization. Integrating Minolta's stabilization techonolgy, this camera uses Super Steady Shot technology to control image viewing fluctuations. When shooting with this function activated, you will get higher ISO sensitivity and clearer images. This feature can make the difference when taking macro or telephoto shots.

A common problem with DSLRs is keeping the CCD sensor clean while interchanging lenses. This is why anti-dust technology was developed to prevent the CCD becoming cloudy from dust particles which can distort images. The Alpha 100 uses an Indium Tin Coating in addition to a shaking process to release particle build-up.

The Alpha 100 also comes with a Eye-Start Autofocus system that senses eye movement. By placing your eye next to th eye piece, the camera will begin to auto-focus instantly, giving you more flexibility when shooting. When you are ready to play back your photos, the Alpha 100 has a large 2.5" LCD screen to review your images and adjust your settings.

If you are considering an upgrade from point-and-shoot digital camera, you will find that the Alpha 100 is fairly easy to navigate. The body of the camera is slightly heavier than comparable models, but it has a nice ergonomically-designed rubber grip. The dials are clearly marked for quick adjustments, and interchanging lenses is a snap. Sony has already developed over 20 adaptable lenses for the Alpha, so you will have plenty of lens choices for your images.

The complete Sony Alpha 100 kit comes with integrated flash, Carl Zeiss 18-70mm lens, Lithium-Ion battery, video and USB cable, CompactFlash adapter and shoulder strap. The only thing missing in the kit is memory cards. To view this camera up close, check out Sony's 3D demo.

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