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G-Tech Psycho Backpack
by sherif

The G-tech Psycho backpack is the latest technological accessory to complement your Apple iPod. The bag is compact and lightweight and features a single ergonomic strap that loops over your chest where you can control your iPod when you're on the go. There is an external volume control on the strap and an automatic lock if the buttons are not utilized for seven seconds. All you need to do is press the unlock button for four seconds to deactivate the lock.

You can lay your iPod into a mesh pocket inside the top portion of the bag to help keep it snug and protected while keeping it connected to the audio controls. The audio jack also connects into the top of the iPod and feeds into the ergonomic chest strap where you can connect your earphones to an external protected adaptor.

The bag comes with two mesh pockets on either side to allow for anything the side of a water bottle to a calculator. The bag has two zippered pockets the smaller of the two is designed to hold small accessories such as earphones, CDs, or a small notepad. There is a small plastic hook that drops down within this compartment which could hold a pair of keys or a compass. The larger zippered compartment is large enough to hold a textbook or even pose as a small daypack for hiking.

Available in Black or Ice Blue. Coming soon to microcenter.com


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