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Programming Hyperlinks Into InDesign Documents
by kp

To add a hyperlink for a web address in your InDesign document, enter the text that is used for the link. This text can be the actual web address or separate text. Next, select the text to be linked and open the Hyperlinks palette which is located at Window -> Interactive -> Hyperlinks. Using the side arrow key to access the palette menu, choose the New Hyperlink option. The menu window reveals the hyperlink specifications for Name, Destination and Appearance. The Name field is a description for your hyperlinked text in your document. Under Destination, you select the document name, the type, which is either Page, Text Anchor, URL or All Types, the name of the link, and enter the URL as an absolute web address. The hyperlink text can have its own customized style using the Appearance options. When completed, click OK to activate the new hyperlink. If you are export the document into PDF format, the hyperlinks are embedded into the document and can still be accessed.

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