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Welcoming Email
by rob

"I like seeing the number of unread email messages notice at Windows XP's Welcome screen. However, mine shows the Outlook Express unread messages even though Outlook is my default email client. I assume this is a regedit fix. Can you help me get the Welcome screen to show the unread messages in Outlook rather than Outlook Express?"
- Robert, Dallas


The Microsoft Knowledge Base tells how to limit email accounts that are included in the Windows Welcome screen; it also states that Outlook Express and MSN Messenger are two programs that support the feature. There is no mention of Outlook at all. Knowledge Base article 304148 contains an overview, including the registry details for what must be updated by the program...

Overview of the mail notification display on the Windows XP Welcome screen

The Welcome screen is displayed by default on Windows XP Home Edition-based computers and on Windows XP Professional-based computers that are not members of a domain. Under your name on the Welcome screen, there is a hyperlink that indicates the number of unread e-mail messages. If you click this link, it reveals which account the messages are from, and how many each e-mail provider contains. For example, if you have three unread e-mail messages, and you click the hyperlink under your name, you see the following information (where UserID is your user name for the corresponding e-mail account):

UserID@msn.com (2)
UserID@hotmail.com (1)

The hyperlink is displayed only if you have an e-mail client that is capable of updating the Welcome screen running on your computer. Currently, Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Windows Messenger support this feature.


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