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Keylogger HRD
by rob

Children can be curious, spouses can be naughty, and employees can be up to no good. How do you keep track of what people are doing on a computer when you’re not around? You don’t need to be a master of espionage to find out what people are typing. A company called ExploreAnywhere offers an extremely simple way to record keystrokes.

Keylogger HRD in action
Installation is a breeze

Easy to Install
The Keylogger HRD looks like a small adapter that plugs in between a keyboard and the PS/2 port. There is no software to install, and therefore very hard for anti-keylogging software to find. Once installed, the keylogger records into its own memory every character typed through the keyboard.

Finding Secrets
To access the text stored in the device, you open a text editor and enter the previously established password. A menu is displayed with options to view, erase or search the text in memory. Type ‘1’ and the text stored in the memory is dumped into the document. It’s that easy.

This is what you see in your text editor when you enter the keylogger's password.

You can search for any string of characters in the memory.

Privacy Issues
Of course, keylogging can be used for good or evil. An unsuspecting user could be giving away passwords and account numbers. Be aware of the privacy issues involved before using such a device and only use it on a computer that you own.

Product Packaging
ExploreAnywhere's KeyloggerHRD PS/2

One use for a keylogger that you might not think of is for an information buffer. As long as your computer is on, the keylogger will record everything you type and store it even if there is a power failure. If this happens, you can retrieve anything you’ve typed recently by viewing the keylogger’s memory.

Runs on any PC with a PS/2 port running Windows or Linux
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