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Home Security Questions
by kp

Last month's article on building your own home security system sparked some interesting questions. So, I've asked the experts of Swann Commuications (makers of the Microcam II, Bulldog camera, and the PC DVR-4-Net PCI card) to help answer some of our reader's inquiries regarding their technology.

"Can the wireless cameras be fed into a PCI card and are they available with motion detection capability to reduce memory requirements?"
- John, Lancaster

Swann Communications:
"The Microcam II can be used with the PC DVR-4-Net PCI card and software. One trick to successful operation is testing the camera and receiver prior to installation on the PCI card. Connect the the receiver to an open A/V input on any TV, powering up the receiver and camera, match the frequencies of both, then confirm that you have an image. Once verified, transfer the connections to the PC. From the PC, you can use the DVR software to set the camera's parameters through the configuration menu."

"I work for a security company and know that wireless cameras can and have been hacked by mobile hackers. They specifically look for transmitted signals and get a birds eye view of the inside of your home. This can be used for peeping purposes or to case your home for future burglary..."
- Dave, New England

Swann Communications:
"The Microcam II is an analog device and set via audio/video analog input/output with only four frequencies available to the client. Mobile hackers or WAR drivers work digitally, thus requiring Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DS3) or Frequency Hopping Technology (FHT).


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