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Don't Leave Home Without Them: 11 Notebook Accessories
by rob

If you and your notebook are planning a road trip, there are a few things you should take with you. Here is a checklist of 11 things that might make your trip easier.

Sumdex eTech Roller Brief
Sumdex eTech Roller Brief
1) Carrying Case
Choosing the right case is more than fitting your notebook into its padded compartment. Select a case that has enough storage for the accessories you'll be taking with you as well as your cell phone, MP3 player, important documents... and snacks. If all these accessories are too much to carry, there are cases with wheels. Some cases use zippers to expand sections that make more space in a moment's notice.

2) AC Adapter
Sure, you could climb under your desk and disconnect the adapter you have connected at your notebook's home base, but wouldn't it be easier to have an extra adapter already in your case? Universal AC adapters come with a selection of tips that accommodate most notebooks, and some even adapt both AC and DC power.

3) Power Adapter
If you're traveling abroad, make sure you take a international power adapter with you so you can use their AC power.

4) Mini Surge Protector
Don't let a power surge ruin your trip. Pick up a small surge protector to keep your notebook from getting fried. Units with phone line protection are useful if you're using your notebook's modem for network access or faxes.

5) Extra Battery
If you're going to spend lots of time away from an electrical outlet and need your notebook to keep running, a spare battery is a must.

6) Mini Mouse
For those of you who hate using your notebook's touchpad, or tend to be “all thumbs” without a mouse, there is a selection of small mice to choose from. Features include optical movement and retractable cords. I'd stay away from wireless mice that have extra parts to loose and batteries that add weight.
Kensington FlyLight
Kensington FlyLight

8) USB Light
USB lights that crane into any position are a lightweight solution to dimly lit planes, trains and automobiles.

7) Security Cable
If you spend much time away from your unguarded notebook, invest in some security hardware to keep sticky fingers away from your stuff. With a cable lock, you can tie your notebook down to a solid piece of furniture.

9) Mini USB Hub
If you've got lots of USB devices to plug in, but not enough ports, select a USB hub that is compact and lightweight.

Kensington WiFi Finder Plus
Kensington WiFi Finder Plus
10) WiFi Finder
Don't waste time booting up your notebook trying to find a wireless hotspot. A small WiFi finder will indicate the strength of wireless networks within range.

11) Headphones or Earbuds
Packing a pair of headphones or earbuds will not only allow you to listen to your music or movies in private, but those with noise canceling features will allow you to sit in a noisy airplane without distraction.

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