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SSID Questions
by chris

"On a wireless set up, when you click on "do not broadcast SSID" does this prevent the SSID to be broadcast to your PC/laptop. In other words, someone passing by might not see the name of your connection, but if you have several users on your laptop, they can see the name of the connection when you have the wireless app controller running. Then they can get their own laptop and use this SSID. How do I secure this so that others that use my laptop doesn't see the SSID, but they can still use the network? Please advise."
- ladybug

I'm assuming you are talking about an Infrastructure setup (one with a wireless router and computers that communicate with it).

When you set up your router to prevent your SSID from being broadcast, that only keeps the ID of your wireless network from showing up on the list of available wireless networks. If multiple people have access to your laptop, there is nothing that can keep them from seeing the SSID that you have and manually trying to connect to your network. To keep people off of your network, you can implement security like WEP encryption or MAC address filtering which are both covered in the November In The Lab article.


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