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DLO TransPod FM All-In-One Car Solution
by kp

Need to tap your iPod into your car stereo? DLO has created a great option called the TransPod FM All-In-One Car Solution. This system combines an FM transmitter, charger and mounting station for your vehicle. The TransPod package contains extra extensions and mounting hardware, so that you can modify the position of the docking station to your preference. Plus, the TransPod can adjust for either the original iPod or the iPod mini by a removable insert.

TransPod FM All-In-One Car Solution
TransPod FM All-In-One Car Solution

To test this product, I took the TransPod out for a spin. The unit was simple to set up by just plugging it into the 12V power outlet then tuning my radio to a static frequency. Next, I put in the iPod, adjusted the backlit screen on the TransPod to the same frequency as my radio and that's it! Unlike other FM transmitters, the TransPod works by tuning into an unused frequency delivering better sound quality. The music came in clearly, but I had to change the frequency slightly as I traveled to different areas. It's definitely a must-have accessory for long trips.

The TransPod is, without question, a better alternative than buying a transmitter, charger and mounting hardware separately. It's cheaper, and you can recharge your iPod while you're driving and listening. So don't mess with CDs or earphones while cruising — let the TransPod manage your tunes.

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