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ZBoard Gaming Keyboard
by rob

For the gamer who needs every advantage, there's a new spin on the regular keyboard. The ZBoard™ by Ideazon is a special input device that includes a base on which you snap on keysets that have different key placement. The base comes with two keysets: a standard QWERTY keyboard layout and a gaming keyset.

The Doom 3 keyset cluster

The gaming keyset has all of your most often used keys for first-person-shooters in a cluster on the left side of the board (movement, weapon selection, jump, crouch, run). The rest of the keyboard includes a compact keyboard, so you can still type commands and insults to other players. The gaming keyset that comes with the ZBoard works fine playing Doom 3, but Ideazon makes a Doom 3-specific keyset to add-on to the base that has all the buttons labeled, so it's easy to learn the layout of the keys for maximum carnage. The placement of the large Flashlight, Reload and Soulcube buttons are very handy. The graphics of the keyset complete the Doom look you're going for. When you're done gaming, it only takes a few seconds to switch out the keysets.

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