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Get The Most Out Of Your Mobile Mac
by rob

For Mac users, the things that are plugged into iBooks and PowerBooks need to look a certain way. Macally, as their name would have you believe, has always been a company that designs their accessories to match the current Mac notebooks. That tradition continues with these three mobile accessories.

The iceMouseJr is a white optical mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel. Its small size (2" x 3.5" x 1.2") is optimal for tossing in your bag along with your notebook and you won't even feel the 2.4oz. it adds to your bag's weight. Smooth indentations on the right and left buttons help keep your fingers where they need to be.

One is always in need of more USB ports for useful (and just full of fun) devices and it's no fun to keep plugging and unplugging. And it's even less fun carrying around a big USB hub. With Macally's 4PortMiniHub, you get all the convenience of a USB hub in a small, portable package. The 4PortMiniHub measures only 5" x 1.1" x 0.4", so you can put it in any available pocket.

Firewire devices are plentiful, and for anyone on the road toting a Firewire cable long enough to reach your digital camcorder or iPod can be a hassle. Macally offers a retractable Firewire cable that extends to almost 5 feet long. If your cable needs aren't that great, you can adjust it in 6-inch increments. It retracts with a push of a button into a neat little package - just like a tape measure - so you don't have to worry about your cords getting tangled. It even includes a 6-pin to 4-pin adapter for those devices that have a tiny Firewire port.

By themselves, each of these Macally accessories are great to have if you have an Apple notebook, but together, they make a bundle of must-have accessories for any Mac road warrior. And for those of you who are looking to get a new iBook or PowerBook, you'll get this bundle with any Apple notebook purchase at no extra cost though 7/25/04.

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