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Must-have iPod Accessories
by rob

So you've got an iPod to listen to MP3s… Well, that's all fine and dandy but your little, white object of affection can do much more! Here are the top five accessories for the third generation iPod to make your techie friends drool with envy.

iPod Media Reader
Have you ever needed more storage for your digital camera while shooting pictures on safari or just taking snapshots away from your computer? Well, fret no more! You can store more than just music on your iPod. When your media card fills up, transfer images to your iPod with the iPod Media Reader from Belkin and continue shooting away.

iPod Voice Recorder
Multi-tasking is the iPod's middle name (if it had more than one name). The next time you're in an important meeting or lecture, don't reach for a tape recorder, just plug in the iPod Voice Recorder and you won't miss a word. Your iPod can store hundreds of hours of recordings and you can use the built-in speaker to play it all back.

iTrip FM Radio Transmitter
Nothing is cooler than (legally) sharing your music with others. You can share with anyone who has a radio, using the iTrip FM Radio Transmitter. It allows you to play your music through any FM radio you've got hanging around; at home, at the office or in your car. Just tune your radio to the same frequency that your iTrip is transmitting at and you've got yourself a party just waiting to happen.

So you say you've got your iPod hooked up to speakers on the other side of the room but it's a pain to get up to change tracks or volume. Like our predecessors who became frustrated with the effort needed to turn the TV dial, the technology exists to use a wireless remote control! The naviPOD from TEN Technology allows you control of your iPod's audio functions (play/pause, next track, previous track, volume up and volume down) with a cool, five-button remote. The naviPOD doubles as a kickstand to keep your iPod from just laying flat.

Backup Battery Pack for iPod
A dead battery is a bummer for any portable device. Extend your iPod's playing time by attaching Belkin's Backup Battery Pack. It uses four standard "AA" alkaline batteries you probably have in the bottom of your “junk drawer.” It even includes a charge-level indicator, so you can tell ahead of time when your batteries are running low. Extra battery life is great for cross-country flights, endless cram sessions or times when you're away from your dock for days on end.

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