Micro SATA to SATA Data & SATA Power Adapter 12"

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SATA is a popular standard for connecting and powering computer data storage devices. It is much smaller than the deprecated IDE while allowing much higher data transfer rates. Micro SATA is a smaller SATA connector designed for 1.8 in. hard disk and solid state drives. These particular SATA cables have a Micro SATA power to SATA data and SATA power adapter that is especially useful with power supplies having no or not enough Micro SATA power cables, allowing you to use 1.8 in. HDD/SSD with desktop, workstation, and server computers. SATA cables are an absolute necessity for any SATA-capable computer system, and with our SATA cables, you can take full advantage of your SATA devices' ultra-fast data transfer capabilities no matter where you place your devices.

Product Information
Mfr Part#F03-166
Color Red
Number of Connectors 3
Length 12"


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