Digital Vinyl CD 52x 80 Minute Disc 50-Pack Spindle

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Combining a retro look with the rugged quality and high-performance of today's CD-R technology, Verbatim introduces Digital Vinyl CD-R, a recordable disc designed after the popular and groovy 45-rpm record format. These eye-catching discs are a great way to save delicate LP collections, burn your personal music mix or make a standout business presentation. The color-coded discs use Verbatim's original Azo Blue technology for superior audio writing performance on CD burners and broad read compatibility on car CD players, home audio systems and portable CD players. Digital Vinyl CD-R's are protected with a dual-layer anti-scratch coating that safeguards data for years to come and are backed by Verbatim's Lifetime Warranty. So grab a blast from the past Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R.

Product Information
Mfr Part#94587
Type CD-R
General Specifications
Top Surface Groovy 45 RPM Record
Max Recording Speed 52x
Capacity 700MB
Music Compatibility Digital Audio Recording
Minutes 80 Minute
Package Specifications
Quantity 50-Pack Spindle


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