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QVS 5.1V 3A Power Supply for Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W, 2 & 3 with Built-in 4ft Micro-USB Cable


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This micro-USB power supply is designed to meet power requirements of Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi 1 Model A /B , Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B, Arduino Yun, Arrow SmartEverything, Banana Pi, Bare Conductive Touch Board, RedBear Blend, Espruino, Flora, Gemma, Particle Electron/Photon, Snickerdoodle, and Trinket 3.3v & 5v. The added 0.1v on this 5.1v power suppply compensate for voltage drop due to cable resistance. Lightweight and compact, it is also a power charger for smartphones and tablets with Micro-USB port. CE and RoHS compliant.

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